Implementer: Winrock International
Amount Awarded: $1.1 million (FY 11)
Duration: 72 months
Description: The ACT Program works collaboratively with the host government and local NGOs to empower survivors of trafficking and those at-risk for trafficking; provide viable economic alternatives to unsafe internal and cross-border migration; expand pubic awareness and participation in prevention efforts and crime reduction; and build the capacity of government institutions to identify and prosecute perpetrators.
Related C-TIP Policy Principle or Objective: USAID comparative advantage


Implementer: MTV-Exit
Amount Awarded: $250,000 (FY 11)
Duration: 9 months
Description: Support for a C-TIP awareness-raising concert attended by over 70,000 people in Rangoon.
Related C-TIP Policy Principle or Objective: Investment in critical TIP challenge countries


Implementer: Winrock International
Amount Awarded: $1.35 million (FY 12)
Duration: 48 months
Description: Improve the ability and readiness of Cambodian institutions to combat all forms of TIP through strengthening the capacity of the government to coordinate all efforts, enhancing survivor protection, improving law enforcement capacity, and promoting effective prevention strategy.
Related C-TIP Policy Principle or Objective: USAID comparative advantage


Implementer: The Asia Foundation
Amount Awarded: $1.7 million (FY 10)
Duration: 60 months
Description: The overall goal of the Combating Trafficking in Person (C-TIP) program is to reduce and prevent the incidence of TIP by taking a holistic approach to address issues of protection, prosecution, and prevention of trafficking in persons related to labor migration, sex trafficking, and organ trafficking. 
Related C-TIP Policy Principle or Objective: USAID comparative advantage

Regional (Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia)

Implementer: MTV-Exit
Amount Awarded: $112,000 (FY 12)
Duration: 48 months
Description: Regional program working in six countries in Asia, including Vietnam. Within each target country a major flagship concert and youth engagement sessions will be developed every two years, with continuing roadshows to be rolled-out throughout each of the key countries on a yearly basis. These will focus heavily on outreach and engagement activities on a community level in areas considered to be high-risk. In addition, capacity building with local partners and strategic advocacy work will be undertaken in each high priority country.
Related C-TIP Policy Principle or Objective: Regional approaches and innovation


Last updated: May 07, 2019

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