USAID's 56th Anniversary. Photo by IHAP
USAID's 56th Anniversary
Read the 2017 Acting on the Call report and learn how a focus on health systems can save 5.6 million children and 260,000 women by 2020.
Acting On The Call
Visit USAID's Multimedia Story Hub. Photo credit: Morgana Wingard for USAID
Stories and Videos
Read the FY 2017 Agency Financial Report. Photo credit: Josh Estey for USAID
Agency Financial Report

Impact Blog

Just how committed is USAID to supporting U.S. small businesses? Take a look at the latest federal data that show how much more the Agency is partnering with these firms so we can accomplish our most important work—giving a hand up to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.



Last updated: November 24, 2017