16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Slideshow




It is estimated that 1 in 3 women will experience gender-based violence in her lifetime.

Most often at the hands of an intimate partner

Females aged 15-44 are more at risk from rape and domestic violence than from cancer, motor accidents, war and malaria.

While women and girls are overwhelmingly affected by GBV, they are not alone...

Men and boys are also targeted.

Including sexual and gender minorities, such as men, who have sex with men and transgender persons.

Gender-based violence is a global pandemic that crosses all borders and does not discriminate based on culture, ethnicity, religion, status, or income level 

It can happen...

in the home, at school, at the workplace, hidden, and in plain sight

At the hands of…

an intimate partner, a family member, a friend, the community, or the state

During times of peace,

but especially during conflict and war

GBV is not solely a women's issue.

It is a profound challenge for the entire world.

Gender-based violence undermines not only the safety, dignity, and human rights of the millions who experience it, but also the public health, economic stability, and security of nations to an Individual, a Family, a Community, a Nation

Join USAID for 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence

November 15 (International End Violence Against Women) to December 10 (International Human Right Days) 

Last updated: November 26, 2012

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