The Office of Civilian-Military Cooperation Training Team serves as a primary point of contact for Department of Defense (DoD)/USAID interagency and civilian-military training. The purpose of the Training Team is to provide relevant training that will enhance practical skill sets, promote civ-mil coordination and cooperation, and allow civilian and military personnel to successfully complete missions within their operating environments.

Within USAID, CMC is working to improve the Agency's capability to respond to crises by improving the ability of USAID officers to effectively participate in operations in unstable environments. This includes providing in-country training to USAID mission staff and military units either via direct instruction or distance learning, and working with other USAID offices to identify and adapt best practices that can be used in the unique conditions of unstable environments.

The Training Team's portfolio includes: Stability Operations/District Stability Framework (DSF) training; curriculum and database development; DSF instructor certification; coordination and execution of pre-deployment training for Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) personnel; participation in DoD Exercise Development Conferences; and interagency and internal USAID briefings to promote a greater understanding of interagency civ-mil synchronization and cooperation in shared spaces.

Stability Operations Training

CMC provides stability operations training centered on the DSF. The DSF is a field-level tool used by civilian and military personnel to identify local sources of instability, devise programs to address the causes of instability, and measure the effectiveness of stability programming. DSF training is constantly under review and refinement, incorporating the most recent best practices and lessons learned from the field.

Currently, CMC is working in conjunction with other USAID offices and interagency partners to identify a database solution to assist with the development and evaluation of stabilization activities using the DSF. This unclassified database, envisioned as a shared tool for military units and civilian organizations, will promote a common interagency understanding of local stability dynamics, and will provide an essential mechanism for management and evaluation of DSF-related tasks and processes.

CMC's Training Team is responsible for maintaining a stability operations training cadre composed of expert instructors. These individuals conduct classroom training, support planning exercises, create training scenarios, and act as stability operations advisors, incorporating DSF and its principles into all aspects of their work. Implementing the rigorous selection and certification process for DSF instructors and stability operations advisors is a top priority for CMC. For a list of certified instructors or for more information on the DSF program please visit the DSF portion of this website.

Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) Training

CMC's Training Team is also responsible for coordination, stability operations curriculum development, and training for PRTs preparing for their pre-deployment to Afghanistan at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. A standard program of instruction has been developed by the Training Team and the 189th Infantry Brigade in which trainees participate in formal classroom instruction and practical exercises leading up to a Culminating Training Exercise (CTE). The CTE prepares civilian and military personnel deploying to Afghanistan through joint training and participation in realistic scenarios which simulate the conditions PRT members will face in theater. CMC also provides instruction at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) for those civilian agency field personnel who do not have the opportunity to attend the PRT training at Camp Atterbury.

USAID Internal Training

Newly-hired USAID Development Leadership Initiative employees (DLIs) currently receive training from CMC on topics such as CMC 101, DoD 101, Civ-Mil Operations and Planning, DoD Foreign Area Officers and DoD Funding. The DLIs also receive a DSF overview and participate in a round table discussion with CMC Senior Development Advisors working in the Combatant Commands (COCOMs). The importance of civ-mil cooperation is emphasized throughout the training, as many of these new personnel will be assigned to locations where collaboration with the military is both expected and crucial for success.

Civ-Mil/Interagency Briefings

CMC's Training Team has developed several briefings that help in an effort to explain the organization and key functions of USAID to DoD partners, as well as familiarize U.S. government civilians with military culture, structure, funding procedures, and other key information. Other briefings offered by CMC include a USAID 101 brief for staff at the COCOMs and an Overseas Humanitarian, Disaster, and Civic Aid (OHDACA) briefing that was developed in partnership with the U.S. Army Peacekeeping & Stability Operations Institute to familiarize civilians with OHDACA funding and guidance. All of these programs seek to promote more effective civ-mil relationships both on U.S. soil and in the field.


For information on PRT training and/or Working with the Military on-line training contact Michael Carney at or 202-712-4127. For information on Stability Operations/DSF training or CMC DLI training contact Aubrey Eaton at or 202-712-5407.

Last updated: February 08, 2013

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