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On these pages, you will find in-advance information about opportunities to partner with USAID as we deliver humanitarian and economic assistance programs to more than 80 countries worldwide. USAID regularly collaborates with host countries, beneficiaries, U.S. government agencies, international donors, and implementing partners to ensure that we effectively address development needs in the countries where we work.

The Agency Business Forecast serves to:

  • Actively inform stakeholders of Agency competitive opportunities, allowing potential partners to plan appropriately for proposal or application submissions for a contract, grant, or cooperative agreement.
  • Attract new development partners, including small, minority, and disadvantaged business partners.
  • Showcase ongoing efforts in order to better inform the development community of the Agency’s mission.

USAID will provide forecast updates on a periodic basis throughout the year. If your organization is interested in receiving notice of when the forecast is updated, please sign-up here. For the most current listing of opportunities with USAID, please visit for contracts or for grants and cooperative agreements.

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2015 USAID Business Forecast February 2015 Update:

Washington, D.C. Opportunities [PDF, 100K]
Washington, D.C. Opportunities [Excel, 18K]
Mission/Overseas Opportunities [PDF: 396K]
Mission/Overseas Opportunities [Excel: 68k]

Notes for the Agency Business Forecast:

  1. The Washington Business Forecast differs from the Mission Business Forecasts for purposes of new SBA compliance requirements. Please note that some columns denote “Contracts Only” for SBA reporting in the Washington Business Forecast.
  2. Most IDIQ type awards listed have small business prime and subcontracting opportunities. Small businesses are encouraged to consider these solicitations for future business with USAID.
  3. The Agency Business Forecast aims to include opportunities that are open for bids/proposals and future opportunities that may not have a solicitation issued yet. Where there are blanks or TBD, is pending information.
  4. If you no longer see a contracting opportunity provided in our previous Agency Business Forecast postings, see and select award notices for type and identify Agency for International Development and click search. To find a cancelation go to and select modification, amendment, cancel notices to find any solicitation amendments or cancellations. You may also conduct advance searches to find specific solicitations.
  5. You may reach the points of contacts (email preferred) in the Agency Business Forecast by searching the name at the USAID Staff Directory
  6. The Solicitation # (if available to be included) has been added as a part of the Brief Description column.
  7. Some opportunities may have a date that has passed since the publication. Please contact the POC listed if your organization is interested in the opportunity.
  8. USAID’s Office of Acquisition and Assistance Quarterly Business Forecast Review Meeting - February 4, 2015 [PDF, 224 KB]

We welcome your feedback in improving this forecast as it is updated throughout the year.

Last updated: March 24, 2015

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