AAPD 12-02


AAPD 12-02: Processing Awards In GLAAS

Subject Category: Miscellaneous, Personal Services Contracts

Note: The Acquisition and Assistance portions have been incorporated into ADS 302 and ADS 303 respectively.
All other portions of this AAPD remain in effect as in the AAPD below.


This AAPD provides guidance on processing and generating awards, and award modifications in the Global Acquisition & Assistance System (GLAAS).

Required Action: Effective immediately, Negotiators, Contracting Officers (COs), and Agreement Officers (AOs) must process and generate all acquisition and assistance (A&A) awards and A&A award modifications in GLAAS. The exceptions to this requirement are awards falling outside the parameters of GLAAS, such as leases, bilateral obligations, awards funded by Master Funding Documents, Miscellaneous Obligating Documents, and Travel Authorizations.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 - 10:15am

Last updated: December 03, 2013