IDEA/Global Partnerships Division Staff Contacts

IDEA/Global Partnerships Division Contacts





Division Director Division & GP Leadership
Dr. Claire Lucas
[PDF, 189kb]
Senior Advisor, IDEA IDEA Office Leadership, GP Strategy, Private Sector Outreach, LGBT, Global Philanthropy
Romi Bhatia
[PDF, 169kb]
Diaspora Advisor Latin America and the Caribbean Backstop, Diaspora, Base of Pyramid
Cecilia Brady
[PDF, 132kb]
Alliance Advisor Europe & Eurasia Backstop, Middle East Backstop, Alliance Facilitation: Alliance Replication, Global MoUs
Helen Cho
[PDF, 78KB]
Foreign Service Program Officer Program and Project Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation
Kathy Gaertner Alliance Advisor OAPA Backstop, Research and Data, Monitoring and Evaluation, Workforce Development
Dr. Rockfeler Herisse
[PDF, 70kb]
Senior Alliance Advisor Africa/ Haiti Backstop, Global Climate Change, Food Security, Diaspora, Extractives
Kathy Hunt Senior Alliance Advisor Strategic Partnerships, Gender Development, Women's Economic Empowerment
Ken Lee
[PDF, 42kb]
Senior Alliance Advisor Asia Backstop, Higher Education, Business Call to Action, Volunteerism, GDA Annual Program Statement
Jennifer Schneider Alliance Advisor Middle East Backstop, Advisory Services, Project Management
Robert Schneider
[PDF, 58kb]
Senior Alliance Advisor Global Climate Change, Social Enterprise, Impact Investing, Workforce Development, Urban Development, Finance
Marianne Smallwood
[PDF, 67]
Presidential Management
Consumer Goods and Retail, Last Mile Distribution, Social Enterprise
Vivienne Wildes
[PDF, 68 KB]
Consultant Alliance Officer Training, Tourism

Regional Alliance Builders




Michael Silberman South and Southeast Asia Based in Bangkok
Gerardo Tablas Central America/Mexico Based in San Salvador

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Last updated: March 01, 2013

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