Office of Civil Rights and Diversity

The Office of Civil Rights and Diversity (OCRD) is the focal point within USAID for programs and activities that advance diversity, inclusion and respect for all in the workforce. OCRD is an integral part of USAID's Forward Talent Management efforts to attract and retain a high quality, diverse workforce at all levels throughout the organization, including leveraging the enormous talent within USAID’s workforce.  Additionally, OCRD promotes an inclusive workplace, one in which the contributions of all employees are valued, recognized as vital to driving innovation and forging strong relationships with stakeholders and critical to the success of USAID’s mission and initiatives.

OCRD administers USAID's equal employment opportunity (EEO) program, including the EEO complaint process, Alternative Dispute Resolution Program, Reasonable Accommodation process, Anti-harassment Program and a variety of diversity, inclusion and outreach programs and activities that specifically address fostering a fair, respectful and inclusive work environment, free of discrimination, in which all employees can contribute to their fullest potential.

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Last updated: June 08, 2012

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