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  • USAID empowers youth from communities across Mexico through scholarships that help them develop personal and professional skills.

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  • USAID partners with Mexican public and private organizations to help women with low-incomes open their own business.

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  • USAID works with the Mexican government and civil society to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation.

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  • USAID works together with the Mexican Government and civil society organizations to offer constructive activities to at-risk youth that keep them away from crime and violence.

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Somos USAID/México
Somos USAID/México
Oportunidades para colaborar con USAID en México.
Oportunidades para colaborar con USAID en México.
Improving youth skills in Mexico
Mexican Youth Improve Skills to Access Jobs

About Mexico

The United States and Mexico have strong social, cultural and economic ties; common security concerns; and a shared border. Mexico, as an upper middle income country with a high level of institutional capacity, is also a strong development partner for the United States.

While Mexico is a modern democracy with a thriving economy, challenges related to crime and violence, rule of law, human rights, climate change, economic competitiveness, and workforce development remain. To address these challenges, USAID works with a broad array of public, private and non-governmental partners to support Mexican initiatives and priorities.

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USAID/Mexico Country Development Cooperation Strategy 2014-2018 [PDF, 2.6 mb]

USAID in Mexico: Program Overview [PDF, 138.9 kb]

USAID Results in Mexico 2013 [PDF, 121.1 kb]

Last updated: February 20, 2015

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