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  • USAID supports youth in cleaning up their communities and creating more safe spaces.

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  • USAID programs support Mexican initiatives in justice system reform

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  • USAID works with the Mexican government and civil society partners to increase youth employment skills.

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  • USAID works with the Mexican government and civil society to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation.

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  • USAID supports summer camps and other activities to keep youth engaged and in school.

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Improving youth skills in Mexico
Mexican Youth Improve Skills to Access Jobs
Through the “train-the-trainer” courses, both the judges and the justice system will be benefited greatly.
Judging with Authority in Mexico
The new Women's Justice Center enhances assistance and protection for women.
Women's Justice Center Opens Doors in Mexico

About Mexico

Working with Mexican public- and private-sector institutions, USAID supports the country's initiatives to improve citizen security and well-being. USAID programs support Mexican leadership in specific technical areas that are high priorities for both the U.S. and Mexican Governments, including:

  1. Mexico’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  2. economic competitiveness to improve citizens’ lives;
  3. development and testing of models to mitigate the impact of community crime and violence; and
  4. implementation of criminal justice constitutional reforms that protect citizens’ rights.

Work in all four areas focus on developing models and mechanisms to leverage public- and private-sector resources, increase individual and institutional capacity, and strengthen policy and legal frameworks that support reforms.

Last updated: September 22, 2014

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