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  • The USAID HIV/AIDS prevention program in Ukraine helps women find support and change lives.

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  • Testing for Judicial Candidates, organized by USAID’s FAIR Justice Project. More than 3,500 candidates took the 2012 nationwide judicial selection test conducted by the High Qualifications Commission (HQC) of Judges of Ukraine.

  • Ukrainian singer Alyosha, who represented Ukraine at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, explains why she decided to support USAID’s Energy Efficiency Season campaign and helps to inspire youth to demonstrate responsible attitudes toward energy consumption.

  • Children of a Kyiv kindergarten enjoy their new surroundings after the USAID's Municipal Heating Reform Program provided a new heating system, including solar panels, for the school.

Project-supported experts provide mentoring and support to health facilities.
Strengthening TB Control in Ukraine's High-Risk Areas
Ірина Брзак у своїй майстерні шиє одяг з хутра та шкіри.
Фінансова грамотність змінює життя українських школярів та їхніх батьків
ВІЛ-позитивний пацієнт заповнює форму скринінгу на туберкульоз.
Просте опитування допомагає ефективно виявляти туберкульоз у людей, які живуть з ВІЛ

About Ukraine

Since 1991, Ukraine’s development trajectory has taken the country from a command to a market-based economy. The United States Government maintains a strategic interest in helping Ukraine’s transition toward greater democracy and a sustainable free market economy.  Over the last 20 years USAID has provided $1.8 billion in critical development assistance in support of the Ukrainian people. Much of this development assistance has helped Ukrainians experience increased political freedoms, stronger transparency guarantees, and more economic and social opportunities.  

Today, USAID/Ukraine implements a focused development assistance program to support: more participatory, transparent, and accountable governance; broad-based resilient economic development; and improved health status for Ukrainians.

USAID also supports U.S. Presidential Initiatives in Global Health and Global Climate Change. 

Official USAID solicitations occur only through www.grants.gov and www.fbo.gov

Last updated: December 12, 2014

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