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  • Preparing peppers, Women’s Cooperative, Krusa, supported by USAID

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  • Celebrating 10th anniversary of USAID support to Kosovo!

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  • Promoting Kosovo Dairy Products

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  • Celebrating International Day of Democracy 2011, with support from USAID in Kosovo

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  • Firing peppers, Krusa Women’s Cooperative, supported by USAID/Kosovo

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  • Kosovo volunteers, Mission Director Maureen Shauket, Earth Day/Global Youth Service Day

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Kultivuesit në bashkëpunim kanë shitur asparagun me emrin e brendit Viridis, që në gjuhën latine nënkupton, i ri, i gjelbër dhe
Debutimi i asparagut të kultivuar në Kosovë mirëpritet nga publiku
Uzgajivači su zajednički brendirali asparagus kao Viridis, što je  latinska reč za mlado, zeleno i sveže.
Domaći asparagus debituje uz gromoglasno odobravanje javnosti
Kosovo growers sell their hand-picked asparagus under the brand name Viridis. It’s Latin for fresh, young and green.
Kosovo-Grown Asparagus Debuts to Popular Acclaim

About Kosovo


USAID's projects in Kosovo focus on economic growth, democracy and governance to help achieve lasting security, prosperity and stability. Improved education, economic opportunities and quality of life increase the confidence of Kosovo Serbs that they have a viable future in Kosovo.

Some of the Agency's efforts in the country include:

  • Community-based programs that have rehabilitated and built community infrastructure, engaged young people and supported businesses in minority areas of Kosovo.
  • Economic growth activities to develop Kosovo’s private sector and modernize the business environment, increasing local production and employment for the short- and long-term growth of local enterprises, and reducing imports.
  • Strengthening rule-of-law, good governance, decentralization and democracy.

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Country Development Cooperation Strategy [PDF, 3MB]

Last updated: July 11, 2014

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Contact Information

Mission Contact

Arberia, Ismail Qemali Street, House NO. 1
10000 Pristina
+038 5959 2000

USAID Contact

Jeffrey Cochrane
U.S. Agency for International Development
Bureau for Europe and Eurasia, SA-44
, DC 
(202) 567-4052
(202) 567-4261