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Pham Thi Gai and her son, next to the fully stocked shelves of her store.
Vietnam Opens Doors for Persons with Disabilities
Nguyen Thi Thuy working in her upgraded facility.
Hygienic Poultry Slaughtering Curbs Bird Flu in Vietnam
VTV Reports on USAID-Supported IT Training Program for People with Disabilities
Vietnam National Television Reports on USAID-Supported IT Training Program for People with Disabilities

About Vietnam

Vietnam has experienced rapid economic growth over the past 15 years and has risen to the status of a lower middle-income country. However, progress is threatened by health and environment problems, a weak business environment, poor governance and limited transparency. Accelerating Vietnam’s transformation to a responsible, more-inclusive partner and a market-based economy is a priority for the United States, particularly as Vietnam’s influence grows throughout Asia.    

USAID programs in Vietnam support the country’s progress by focusing resources where they’re needed most in health, private sector competitiveness, environment, social services for vulnerable populations and higher education. USAID works with Vietnam to strengthen capacities to address the harmful effects of HIV/AIDS and avian and pandemic influenza; expand access to quality higher education in such areas as engineering and social work; improve opportunity for persons with disabilities; advance the role of women and vulnerable populations; and address environment challenges, including climate change and dioxin contamination. 

Last updated: April 15, 2014

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