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Film still from the Ruksana's Story chapter of Girl Rising.
Featured in the film "Girl Rising," Ruksana is one of many girls using education to overcome challenging circumstances.
Kiran Reddy, Ten Times Ten LLC

Girl Rising is a global campaign for girls’ education that uses the power of storytelling to promote the simple message that educating girls can transform societies. 

When girls are educated, communities thrive and economies grow. Yet an estimated 65 million girls are not in school, and tremendous opportunities are lost. 

An educated girl will marry later, have fewer, healthier children and educate her daughters and sons equally. She’ll earn more money, and re-invest most of it in her own community. 

Educated girls will change the world: that’s why the Empower New Generations to Advance Girls' Education (ENGAGE) partnership is committed to using storytelling and community engagement tools to set that change in motion. 

Partnership Goals

ENGAGE focuses on creating change at three levels:

  • Change Minds: Raise awareness among 20 million+ people about the critical importance of gender equality and girls’ education and the ways the world will benefit from educating girls.
  • Change Lives: Mobilize men, women and youth to challenge the barriers (like gender-based violence, early marriage and harmful social norms) that hold girls back and prevent them from getting the education they require and deserve.
  • Change Policies: Motivate leaders, decision-makers and education providers to take concrete, positive actions to eliminate barriers to girls’ education.

Priority Countries

The geographic focus of the partnership includes: 

  • Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): With a long history of conflict, DRC’s school enrollment rates are declining. More than 4.4 million children (nearly half the school-age population) including 2.5 million girls, are out of school.
  • India: The world’s largest democracy and fourth largest economy, India represents a complex educational environment where progress has been made but significant gaps in gender parity remain.  
  • Nigeria: As Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria represents a critical priority for girls’ education. As few as 20 percent of women in country’s northwest and northeast have attended school or are literate. 

The Approach

ENGAGE will build broad-based awareness in the three priority countries by creating and sharing culturally relevant, local-language versions of the Girl Rising film as well as new original content to educate and activate new supporters to rally together around empowering girls. Community engagement programs will localize the Girl Rising message, uniting passionate individuals, NGOs and educators to amplify the work of girl-focused organizations. 


ENGAGE is a collaboration between USAID, The Documentary Group 10x10, Intel Corporation, the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), Vulcan Productions and the Pearson Foundation. Additionally, Cable News Network (CNN) is Girl Rising’s international television distribution partner. 

Last updated: May 05, 2015

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