LGBTI-inclusive Policies

LGBT Vision for Action

The USAID Vision for Action [PDF] demonstrates both internally and externally the Agency's commitment to LGBT inclusion. It provides a set of overarching core principles for engagement on LGBT inclusion and further socializes LGBT inclusion through the Agency.

As part of mainstreaming LGBTI issues in foreign assistance, USAID has integrated these into the Agency’s policies, practices and programming. LGBTI-inclusive policies include:

  • Gender-Based Violence Strategy
  • Women, Peace & Security National Action Plan
  • Gender Equality and Female Empowerment Policy
  • Global Health Strategy
  • Youth Policy
  • Climate Change Policy
  • USAID Policy Framework
  • Project Design Guidance
  • Country Development Cooperation Strategy Guidance
  • Democracy, Human Rights and Governance Strategy

Testing the Waters: LGBT People in the Europe and Eurasia Region

This comprehensive study looks at the well-being of LGBT communities in the region and aims to fill the gap in knowledge and practice by deepening institutional awareness so that Mission staff can include attention to sexual orientation and gender identity matters in their work.

USAID/Ecuador and USAID/Nicaragua issued mission orders

USAID/Ecuador and USAID/Nicaragua issued mission orders promoting LGBTI inclusion that elevate awareness, provide training and outreach to LGBTI program beneficiaries, and promote non-discrimination at missions.

USAID/Malawi outreach to LGBTI partners

USAID/Malawi’s prudent, integrated approach to inclusive development programming broadens the stakeholder base to include LGBTI partner organizations. The mission is incorporating LGBTI priorities and capacity development needs into existing human rights and health care platforms, which focused on disability, gender, youth, and HIV/AIDS concerns.

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Last updated: June 12, 2014

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