Fiscal Year 2012 Food for Peace Fact Sheet

In FY 2012, Food for Peace provided approximately 1.4 million metric tons of Title II food aid as part of programs valued at approximately $1.6 billion in 44 countries.

In addition, Food for Peace provided $374 million in grants in 19 countries for local and regional purchase of food commodities, food vouchers and cash transfers under the Emergency Food Security Program. This program is used primarily when U.S.-purchased Title II food aid cannot arrive fast enough to respond to an emergency or when local purchase, cash transfers or food voucher programs may be more appropriate than U.S. in-kind food aid due to local market conditions.

Type of Assistance Largest Programs
Emergency Food Aid (Title II) Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Chad
Emergency Food Security Program (IDA)* Somalia, Niger, Syria, Kenya, South Sudan
Development Food Aid (Title II) Ethiopia, Bangladesh, DRC, Malawi, South Sudan
International Food Relief Partnership (Title II) Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Honduras, Ethiopia, Syria
Total Food Assistance

Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya



Value ($ mil) Metric Tons Programs Countries Beneficiaries
Development Food Aid (Title II) 427.4 438,360 39 19 10,207,700
International Food Relief Partnership (Title II) 8.2 1,503 18 13 715,657
Emergency Food Aid (Title II) 1,174.3 988,337 45 32 31,435,900
Sub-Total Title II Food Aid 1,609.9 1,428,200 102 44 42,359,257
Emergency Food Security Program (IDA)* - Local and Regional Purchase 164.8 177,346




Emergency Food Security Program (IDA)* - Voucher/Cash Programs 209.7 ----
Sub-Total Emergency Food Assistance (IDA and Title II) 1,548.8 1,165,683 90 36 42,107,282
Total Food Assistance 1,984.4 1,605,546 147 47


*The value of IDA resources consists not only of local and regional procurement of food commodities, but also includes the value of cash and voucher programs. For more information visit:

Note: Total Value of Emergency Food Aid (Title II) = $1,170 million divided by the total metric tons of 985,780 MT = $1188 per metric ton.

Cost per metric ton of local and regional purchase = $929/metric ton

Total EFSP= $374.5;   44% (amount used for LRP) = $164.8 million.

Cost per metric ton of LRP = 164.8 million/177346mt = $929/metric ton

Fact sheet was updated on October 25, 2013 to reflect new final numbers from a USAID Title II emergency partner.


Last updated: October 28, 2013

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