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A Palestinian farmer explains to USAID's Mara Rudman the difference between regular potatoes and those grown for Al Salam


USAID is working with Palestinian agricultural producers and agribusinesses to identify opportunities to increase those profit margins at all levels from field to fork. One such opportunity, in which local farmers are adjusting the varieties of vegetables they grow to best meet the needs of a frozen food processor, has the potential to create almost 500 additional jobs in the farming sector and generate more than $1.8 million in annual revenues for the farmers.  
Bethlehem University students visit local Palestinian company

When Palestinian students graduate, they can be proud in the knowledge that they have completed their formal studies in a system of education recognized throughout the Middle East for its high quality.

Young Palestinian women play football at Jenin Young Women's Club

Jenin Young Women’s Club (JYWC) is providing new opportunities of growth and personal development for girls and young women of Jenin through a safe and enriching environment for extra-curricular activities. A $76,610 grant from USAID's Civic Engagement Program helped the club acquire better equipment and resources including the first gym for women and a computer lab which is now being used to teach the club’s members new computer science skills.

Most notably, the grant funded the creation of the club’s all women football team, still not a common phenomenon in the Northern West Bank. This ambitious group of young women now participates in the Palestinian Women’s Football League and is supported by the Palestinian Football Federation.

Opening of the Al Juneid Women’s Center in the Nablus area of the West Bank.

Hana Masoud’s life changed when she joined a USAID health development initiative in her village. Once a jobless graduate, she has grown into an internationally-recognized youth leader. “I learned that each person has something to give,” she says, “and it was my duty to look for these things in the community.” Her chance came when USAID began working in Burqa, a northern West Bank village. Using the Champion Community approach, USAID brings together Palestinians and their clinics to identify and address local health priorities. Hana’s job was to encourage residents to join in.

Abeer Rahhal uses skills learned in her training to teach other women about health

What do you really expect a married woman from a traditional family in a West Bank remote village to aspire to - other than a housewife and a mother?” asks Abeer Rahhal, a 40-year-old mother of five. Rahhal lives in the Kafr Dan, a village in the Jenin Governorate, 132 kilometers north of Jerusalem.


Last updated: April 15, 2014

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