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Progress Highlights: November 1, 2014 - November 30, 2014


  • Maintenance of the treatment system continued, including cap maintenance, the addition of a high-density polyethylene liner and heater element repairs and replacement on top of the in-pile thermal desorption (IPTD) structure. These efforts allowed thermal treatment to advance.
  • Environmental monitoring of the Project site continued by USAID contractors and the Vietnam Ministry of National Defense’s Chemical Command and Vietnam Russia Tropical Centre (VRTC) to ensure contaminated soil, sediment, wastewater and dust do not leave the site, as well as to ensure the liquid vapor treatment plant is meeting Vietnamese effluent standards and project action levels.
  • Average Pile Temperature: 278 degrees Celsius
  • Please note: Thermal treatment is behind schedule (below the remediation temperature goal) largely due to the effects of heavy rains experienced in Danang in late October.

Bien Hoa

  • The Vietnam Ministry of National Defense (MND) approved the overall work plan and field sampling plan for the Environmental Assessment (EA) of Dioxin Contamination at Bien Hoa.
  • The first phase of the approved field sampling program began on 11/03/14 on the Airbase and continued through the month. The sampling team included USAID Contractors, MND’s Academy of Military Science and Technology (the Vietnamese Project owner), VRTC, the Union of Science on Geology, Foundation, Engineering & Building Materials, and laborers from the Airbase.
  • Prior to initiating field activities, a Health and Safety training class was held on November 04, 2014 for the sampling team members at the Dong Nai Hotel in Bien Hoa.

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