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Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • To help victims of the worst flooding in 130 years, USAID/BiH procured 13 boats to evacuate families in the most affected areas. USAID staff also delivered food and clothing directly to families who lost their homes in mudslides caused by the heavy rains.

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  • USAID waved the biggest LGBT flag of all by illuminating U.S. Embassy Sarajevo in rainbow colors to commemorate International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO).

  • USAID's new project Fair Play, Fair Childhood: Bringing BiH Children Together through Sports promotes reconciliation among BiH youth and spectators through basketball leagues and other organized sports throughout the country.

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  • USAID promotes economic opportunities in the tourism industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina through its April month-long campaign, “Tourism in BiH: Get on board! The possibilities are endless.”

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  • Student interviews Mission Director David Barth at launch of new USAID program, Education for a Just Society. The project is a holistic approach to educating BiH youth to ensure they are taught universal values of citizenship, tolerance and inclusion.

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Zorica Mekic of Sekovici learned beekeeping through USAID’s “Women’s Empowerment Through Farming” Project.
Bees Open Doors for Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina
GOLD Sarajevo Centar ENG
USAID and Sida Launch Local Development Project to Increase Investment, Create Jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo at night: Lighting Bosnia’s Path to the EU with Electricity Reform
It’s Electric: Lighting Bosnia’s Path to the European Union

About Bosnia and Herzegovina


USAID in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) contributes to U.S. Government objectives in the country by helping BiH progress toward a harmonized economy, effective and transparent government institutions with a strong civil society, and a multi-ethnic, tolerant society.

Helping the country to become a more stable country, closer to Euro-Atlantic integration, is USAID's goal. Reaching this objective includes establishing functional state-level institutions, inclusion of minorities in the political process, compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights, GDP growth, increased economic competitiveness, and a clear strategy for EU accession.

USAID's democracy and governance work in BiH focuses on accountable institutions that meet citizens’ needs. The Agency's economic growth work focuses on a competitive, market-oriented economy that provides better opportunities for all.

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Last updated: June 05, 2014

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