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November 13, 2014
This document is a combined file containing reference materials that are essential points of reference for the Karamoja Integrated Program. To access a particular document, please copy the document name, for instance "DO3 Results Framework", press the search button, paste the document name in the search box and press enter. This will directly take you to the actual document of interest within the file. 
The documents within this file include the following:
Attachment 1 -MJAP/REACH-U End of Project Report, August 2009-August 2014;
Attachment A -DO3 Results Framework;
Attachment B -List of Mandatory DO3 Health & HIV Indicators;
Attachment C -District Supply Chain Management Strengthening Package;
Attachment D -Quality Management District Support Package;
Attachment E -Health Sector Strategic Investment Plan Final;
Attachment F -Continuum of Response;
Attachment G -FY13 RWANU Annual Review Report;
Attachment H -GHG Quarterly Report  Mercy Corps (April- June 2014);
June 10, 2014

Uganda suffered one of Africa’s longest running conflicts as the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) terrorized communities in northern Uganda for nearly 20 years.  Government policy and insecurity in the region during this period led to the displacement of nearly 1.8 million people from their homes into IDP camps while an estimated 25,000 children were abducted by the LRA and forced to commit brutal atrocities.  With the end of hostilities and the ensuing demobilization of IDP camps in 2009, the U.N.


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