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A group of women in Turkmenistan play chess.
USAID and Chevron facilitated the opening of youth centers in the cities of Ashgabat and Mary to engage youth in making healthy behavior choices.

Turkmenistan’s growing tuberculosis (TB) epidemic represents a challenge not only to its public health system but to the country’s economic development. The country has a very high TB burden and rapidly growing rates of multidrug-resistant (MDR) TB. Located along the illicit drug transport corridor from Afghanistan, Turkmenistan also faces significant issues related to injection drug use, with over 30,000 officially registered drug addicts in the country and limited knowledge of HIV transmission and prevention among the general population. 

U.S.-funded programs focus on increasing access to key services to help prevent the transmission and contain the expansion of both TB and HIV.  USAID supports activities that improve the delivery of prevention, care, and treatment services for TB; enhance the capacities of institutions to address MDR TB; and develop systems to strengthen diagnosis of MDR TB and improve infection control practices. USAID works with health officials to expand the use of patient-centered outpatient treatment approaches.  USAID also helps health providers, communities and patients understand and address the treatment and care of TB and MDR TB. 

To address the spread of HIV/AIDS, USAID activities align with Global Fund efforts to increase support for outreach to most-at-risk populations to promote preventive behaviors and support referrals to key services. 

Last updated: November 07, 2014

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