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Economic Growth and Trade

Farmers at Boboleto
Farmers at USAID horticulture project activities in Boboleto
Lisa Rogers, USAID DOC Officer

USAID works with Timor-Leste to address the root causes of poverty and food insecurity by promoting broad-based economic growth. Our assistance extends economic opportunity to all segments of society, including women and those living in remote, rural areas. We help small farmers expand their agricultural enterprises and foster a business-friendly environment where all forms of small- and medium-sized enterprises can flourish. 

USAID support for the country’s largest agriculture cooperative reaches more than 10 percent of the population, mainly in remote highland areas. With our New Zealand Aid Programme and ConocoPhillips partnerships, we are helping farmers boost their yields and incomes by as much as 300 percent and increasing the availability of nutritious food to their families.

Last updated: August 07, 2014

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