Flag of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Youth participate in awareness campaign
Sri Lanka Takes Action to Prevent and Prosecute Sexual Violence
Sinhalese and Tamil school students work side by side.
Lagoon Unites Fisheries and Ethnic Groups in Sri Lanka
Community members place posters to encourage voting.
Northern Sri Lanka Holds Historic Elections

About Sri Lanka

Following decades of conflict and a devastating tsunami, Sri Lanka is in a period of transition that will determine the sustainability of the country's peace for years to come. In the former conflict areas of the North and East, the main focus is rebuilding communities and livelihoods. The United States is a strong supporter of reconciliation and long-term stability in Sri Lanka, an island nation located along major maritime trade routes in the Indian Ocean.

As the country moves from focusing on postwar and humanitarian relief to longer-term development, key USAID priorities are to facilitate peace and reconciliation, give all Sri Lankans an equitable stake in the island’s economic growth, and foster a more democratic and inclusive society.

Last updated: June 30, 2014

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