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  • USAID promoted the sustainable use and the conservation of biodiversity.

  • USAID supported the Ecuadorian government in increasing agricultural production and improving the quality of life for rural Ecuadorians.

  • Bridge built by USAID, El Chota, 2005.

  • Strengthening their organizations has enabled the Cofan to recover their cultural identity and ancestral knowledge. (Sucumbios, Ecuador)

  • Environmental education programs teaching about water sources and how to protect them.

Ecuador’s small farmers harvest broccoli to survive the country’s agricultural trade problems.
Broccoli Farmers Get a Fair Price
Peter Ferretti, left, a horticulture expert from Pennsylvania, volunteered for three weeks with farmers
Learning Life Lessons through Art
Miriam Sánchez, a founding member of the Comuna Cubinche Women's Sewing Association.
Woman Launches Sewing Association

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Last updated: July 16, 2014

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