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USAID/Nepal’s Safe-WASH project contributes to the well-being of rural communities through equitable access to and efficient use of water resources and safe hygiene practices.

USAID/Nepal Saath-Saath Project reduces the transmission and impact of HIV and AIDS and improves reproductive health among selected most-at-risk populations in a manner that supports the Government of Nepal.

The Government of Nepal’s Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) has seen award-winning success in improving maternal and infant health across the country.  The Ministry is on track to achieve Millennium Development Goals 4 “Reduce Child Mortality” and 5 “Improve Maternal Health” and continues to strive to realize further accomplishments in the areas of maternal, newborn and child health.  To build on these successes, USAID provides direct funding to strengthen MOHP staff capacity and management systems with the end goal of improving quality and access to services focused on marginalized and vulnerable communities.  

USAID/Nepal’s Health for Life project will strengthen the Government of Nepal’s capacity to plan, manage and deliver high-quality family planning and maternal, newborn and child health services at the district and local levels.

Датум на започнување:  15 Април, 2013              
Датум на завршување:  15 Април 2016
Буџет на проектот:  1.7 милиони долари 
Имплементатор:  Winrock International   
Датум на започнување: 1 септември 2009 г.
Датум на завршување: 28 февруари  2013 г
Буџет на проектот: $ 350,000.00
Data e fillimit: 1 shtator 2009           
Data e përfundimit:  
Buxheti i projektit:    $ 350,000
Data e fillimit: 15 Gusht 2012
Data e përfundimit: 14 Gusht 2014 
Buxheti i projektit:  $ 292,536
Implementues:     Karriera Ime (My Career)


Датум на започнување: 15 август 2012 г.
Датум на завршување:  14 август 2014 г.
Буџет на проектот:  $ 292,536
Имплементатор:  My Career (Моја кариера)
Датум на започнување: 01 април 2012г.
Времетраење: три години
Буџет на проектот: 850,000 американски долари           
Имплементатор: Национален Демократски Институти (National Democratic Institute NDI)


Last updated: June 02, 2015