Transition Initiatives for Stabilization (TIS-Somalia)

What is TIS?

USAID’s goal in Somalia is to increase stability through targeted interventions that foster good governance, improve economic recovery, and reduce the appeal of extremism.  In this context, TIS aims to:

  • Increase confidence in all levels of governance through the delivery of targeted, strategic interventions that improve service delivery
  • Support collaboration between government, private sector, and civil society
  • Increase dialogue on peace, recovery, and development in Somalia

How does TIS work?

TIS is a flexible program in which the local community selects projects and supervises and participates in them from bidding through construction to final evaluation. TIS:

  • Promotes local ownership and collaboration among stakeholders
  • Fosters stabilization
  • Moves quickly and adapts easily
  • Determines activities based on strategic rationale, not just need
  • Works through community contracting and community oversight of activities.

Who is TIS?

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and DAI implement the program in close partnership with the local or federal government, civil society, and community members to promote Somali ownership and stabilization.

What has TIS done?

  • TIS is currently implementing over 450 small-grant activities together with government officials, civil society members, and public sector representatives. The grants are in-kind, and valued at $38 million.
    • TIS activities are selected and designed by Somali community and government consensus in the course of more than 20 USAID-facilitated Strategic Planning Workshops.
    • Projects include building or rehabilitating markets, government offices, and playgrounds; installing street lights and water-supply facilities; youth community service; building or rehabilitating roads; promoting Somali arts and culture, such as the Somali Idol program; and community designed anti-piracy activities.

Last updated: August 15, 2013

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