Somalia Partnership for Economic Growth

What is the Partnership?

Together with the local governments and the private sector, the Partnership promotes economic growth and stabilization in Somaliland and Puntland. USAID’s Partnership works with government and the private sector to improve an enabling environment for investment and generate more productive employment. The program began in April 2011 in Somaliland and then expanded to Puntland in mid-2012. In June 2013 it will assess economic growth opportunities in south and central Somalia for future programming. USAID’s Partnership supports stabilization through economic growth by investing in the local economy, and by strengthening livestock, agriculture, and energy production.

What does the Partnership do?

  • Partnership Fund: Launched an innovative business grant fund to co-fund 13 Somali businesses, nonprofits, and institutions, with awards ranging from $25,000 to $100,000.

This allows risk-sharing and new partnerships to thrive, and 1,000 new jobs to be created in livestock, fisheries, energy, financial services, and general trade.

  • Livestock: Supports the Ministry of Livestock to improve community-based animal health services and strengthen veterinary drug supplies. The program also works with local institutions and agribusinesses to strengthen the production and marketing of livestock feed.

These activities improve animal health, productivity, quality, and price, while decreasing the cost of inputs (like feed).

  • Agriculture: Partners with Amoud University, local agribusinesses, and farmers to increase production and incomes by testing and increasing the supply of the best performing vegetable crops and provide training in marketing and business skills.

 This will improve profits and quality of production as well as sales.

  • Energy: Works with the Ministry of Mining, Energy, and Water Resources to help create Somaliland’s first legal and regulatory framework, while also investing in piloting wind energy activities, such as demonstration farms and data collection.

This will help govern energy/electricity production, supply, distribution, and reduce costs for consumers and businesses.

  • Business Environment: Supports the Somaliland Ministry of Commerce’s nascent Investment Climate Unit and the Somaliland and Puntland Chambers of Commerce.

This will help to increase private sector’s confidence in the local economy and provide information on the business climate, and livestock, agriculture, energy, and other investment opportunities.  

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Last updated: August 15, 2013

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