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Civic Initiatives’ Closing Ceremony Showcases Two Year Results
September 12, 2014

Belgrade – The closing ceremony for the Empowered Youth for Positive Changes in South Serbia and Sandžak project was held today at Cultural Center Grad. For the past two years, this project was implemented by Civic Initiatives and supported by USAID. Project results were presented, and further steps which will be taken to build the capacity of civil society in Serbia were announced.

˝It is very important to recognize the strength of young and active citizens of this society. I believe that Civic Initiatives and USAID have managed to recognize their real potential and additionally encourage and empower them to be even more active. However, this must not be the end – our goal is to further empower civil society in Serbia, its growth, development and partnerships with other institutions. We can be the engine of development for society only if we are united,” said Maja Stojanovic, Executive Director at Civic Initiatives.

USAID and the Supreme Cessation Court Present National Backlog Reduction Plan
January 28, 2014

BELGRADE - USAID and the Supreme Cassation Court of the Republic of Serbia met with the presidents of all Serbian courts at the Palace of Justice.  Chief Justice Dragomir Milojevic presented the National Backlog Reduction Plan, which calls for an 80 percent reduction within the next five years of the nearly 1.75 million old cases that have been plaguing the Serbian court system. “This goal may be ambitious but it is attainable with a lot of hard work by judges,” he said, encouraging court presidents to use the methods that have already proven to be successful by ten USAID pilot courts. 

United States and Serbia Launch Project to  Create Jobs and Improve the Quality of Life in South and Southwest Serbia
December 6, 2013

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Agency for Regional Development (NARD) will officially launch the Private Sector Development Project in Leskovac on Friday, December 6, to strengthen companies in 12 economically depressed municipalities in south and southwest Serbia. 

USAID Business Survey Finds Slightly Improved Business Environment Burdened by Red Tape and Interest Rates
November 13, 2013

Belgrade, November 2013 – USAID’S third annual survey of 1,000 Serbian businesses found that Serbian executives believe the business environment in Serbia improved slightly during 2013, though lengthy and expensive regulatory procedures continue to harm their companies' competitiveness. 

USAID Changes the Way it Works in Serbia
November 7, 2013

Belgrade, November 2013 – The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has begun directly funding Serbian organizations to strengthen their capacity and to use USAID assets more efficiently. 

USAID recently awarded grants to five Serbian organizations, recognizing their increased capabilities and placing full responsibility for managing the programs in their hands:

·         A 15-month, $248,800 grant to Civic Initiatives to improve the status of youth and reduce their marginalization in southern and southwestern Serbia;

October 25, 2013

Belgrade, October 2013 – The U.S. Agency for International Development has awarded the Trag Foundation an 18-month, $235,000 grant to improve the policy framework for delivering crucial social services for the elderly, persons with disabilities and children, as well as other vulnerable groups. 


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