Map of Rwanda

Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance

Rwanda has made remarkable progress in developing its government, maintaining security, promoting reconciliation and strengthening the justice system. Despite this progress, challenges in democracy and governance remain. USAID’s democracy and governance program in Rwanda builds on past progress to deepen ongoing reconciliation efforts across the country, strengthen government and civil society, provide legal advice to disadvantaged communities, and empower young women.

To achieve this, USAID engages with government officials, civil society organizations and individuals to improve local government policy-making, planning and budgeting. These activities focus on training justice sector specialists, empowering women to understand their rights, and enable civil society to better impact government decisions and improve the lives of Rwandans. USAID also supports legal aid centers to improve access to legal aid among the poor, people living with HIV/AIDS, orphans and other vulnerable groups. 

Last updated: April 08, 2014

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