Power Africa Partners

Workers in Kenya at the Geothermal Olkaria Plant. Photo: Carole Douglis

By pooling and leveraging commitments of governments and private sector partners, Power Africa will provide the tools needed to overcome the barriers that have constrained Africa’s power sector, and its economic growth and development.

African Governments

Private Sector

U.S. Government Agencies

Power Africa will work closely with the African Development Bank (AfDB). The AfDB has over the last five years committed more than $1.6 billion in energy infrastructure funding to the six countries involved in the initiative. This includes $1.4 billion from the African Development Fund (ADF), the Bank’s concessionary lending window for low income countries. The U.S. is a significant contributor to the ADF. Currently, the Bank expects to allocate as much as $3 billion over the next 5 years in the six power Africa countries which will leverage at least 4 times more investments in the energy sector. The Bank’s interventions will include investment loans, reforms, advisory, and guarantees.

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Last updated: July 21, 2014

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