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Power Africa shifts to a transaction-centered approach that provides host governments, the private sector, and donors with incentives to galvanize collaboration, provide near-term results, and drive systemic reforms that will facilitate future investment.

We welcome your interest in Power Africa. For business and government, Power Africa offers a variety of tools to help realize projects in the African power sector. Partner governments in Africa may establish delivery units that can help to expedite transactions, and the USG will support this process. Meanwhile, for investors and developers, Power Africa brings together the financing, insurance, technical assistance and grant tools across the U.S. government to help bring power and transmission projects to fruition. Field-based transaction advisors, who have already begun their work in each of the partner countries, will help governments prioritize, coordinate, and expedite the implementation of power projects, while simultaneously building the capacity of existing host government ministries to deliver results.

If you are a business working in (or considering) the power sector in sub-Saharan Africa, we invite you to contact us. Power Africa currently has 23 Founding Partners in the private sector and we look forward to adding to the list. Please fill out the form below to partner with Power Africa or to request other information.

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Last updated: March 17, 2014

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