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OTI seeks to support a successful, peaceful democratic transition and promote national unity in the wake of deepened social tensions.


In late 2013, the Government of Ukraine reversed plans to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union, generating large protests in Kyiv.  President Yanukovich fled the country in February, paving the way for the formation of an interim government focused on reforms.  The transition was quickly followed by unrest in the south and the east, leading to the illegal and unrecognized Russian annexation of Crimea and the escalation of an armed conflict in the Donbas region between the Government of Ukraine and armed separatists. Petro Poroshenko, a pro-reform billionaire, was elected as the new Ukrainian President in May 2014 and he has been steadily pushing for a solution to the crisis in the East that will bring peace and enable the country to move forward with its path toward democracy and economic recovery.  Though the Government of Ukraine has retaken control of much of the region, the number of displaced persons in the east continues to grow as fighting continues.  

USAID/OTI’s Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative (UCBI) will complement ongoing USAID efforts to create a prosperous and stable Ukraine by providing assistance to address the mounting crisis in the East and help the Government of Ukraine engage citizens in the reform process and promote national unity. Initial objectives include: 
  1. Strengthen the Government of Ukraine’s strategic communications capacity;
  2. Support the Government and people of Ukraine in confidence-building and conflict mitigation efforts; and
  3. Engage citizens in the transition in constructive ways and work to promote national unity and reconciliation.  


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Last updated: August 18, 2014

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