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SYRIA, ALEPPO : A Syrian man reacts while standing on the rubble of his house while others look for survivors and bodies in the Tariq al-Bab district of the northern city of Aleppo on February 23, 2013.

Strengthening the capacity of key local insitutions to respond to community needs, preserve the original moderate ideals of the revolution, and lay the foundation for inclusive governance.


Syria is in the midst of a brutal conflict that has claimed more than 140,000 lives. Fighting between the Assad regime and opposition groups continues throughout the country. The U.N. reports that the conflict has affected over 9 million people inside Syria, including at least 6.5 million internally displaced people. In addition, the conflict has displaced over 2.6 million people to neighboring countries.

The ongoing fighting has resulted in the destruction of critical infrastructure, the loss of essential services, and given rise to a political landscape in which moderate opposition groups are fighting a two front war against the Assad regime and extremist groups vying for power in areas free from Syrian Arab Republic (SARG) Control. USAID/OTI's program supports Syrian efforts to build inclusive and accountable governance structures that reflect the will and needs of the Syrian people. Through assistance to emergent moderate governing bodies and civil actors, OTI strengthens the capacity of key local institutions to identify and respond to community needs, and supports actors seeking to constructively participate in the political transition. The OTI Syria program is implemented by Chemonics International.

Program Description

USAID/OTI's program supports moderate governing bodies and civil society organizations in liberated areas of Syria. Through the provision of equipment, supplies, and heavy machinery, USAID/OTI assists these organizations in providing services and meeting the needs of their communities through visible and quick-impact activities. Projects focus on service delivery, education, repair of community infrastructure, and support for other governance functions. Strategic communications through various media outlets increase the visibility of the activities in effort to strengthen the credibility of the nascent government structures.

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Last updated: December 04, 2014

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