Mali OTI
Dogon women in Mali.

Supporting the national-level peace process, while restoring a sense of normalcy in the strategic areas in the North, and countering violent extremism through the inclusion of marginalized communities.

In January 2013, USAID/OTI launched the Mali Transition Initiative (MTI), to help lay the groundwork for longer term political and economic development. OTI efforts in this engagement will focus on mitigating conflict and decreasing chances of unrest during the transition to help renovate and reinforce the foundations for a peaceful and democratic Mali.  OTI’s targeted assistance will focus on working with Malian civil society and community organizations to reiterate and bolster a return to democratic systems and values.

The MTI program will pursue the following two objectives:

  • To support broad-based inclusion and participation in the democratic process
  • To promote improved access to reliable information on the transition.
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Last updated: March 13, 2015

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