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President John F. Kennedy's visit to Peru in 1962, after USAID creation in 1961.
USAID's presence in Peru over the years has served to strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation, and development models that have had and continue to have a very positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.


Since 1961, USAID has implemented ambitious assistance programs in Peru across several sectors.  Over the last five decades, U.S. assistance has played a critical role in the progress of the country.  USAID support has helped Peru reduce poverty, increase literacy, improve communications and transport systems, reduce infant mortality, recover from natural disasters, achieve macro-economic stability, consolidate democratic participation, and advance education, health, agriculture, and economic opportunities.  In addition, USAID has also provided life-saving humanitarian assistance, worked to promote alternatives to illicit crops, supported climate change adaptation projects, and forest certification and biodiversity protection.   The U.S. government continues to work hand-in-hand with Peruvians to confront development challenges and demonstrate the advances resulting from  the last fifty years of partnership.

Nevertheless, challenges remain to overcome poverty, strengthen democracy, maintain trade-led economic growth, improve the overall health of the population, and broaden economic opportunities.  To achieve these goals Peru must strengthen government capacity to provide quality public services, improve environmental stewardship, and combat narco-traficking.  USAID will continue to support the building of prosperity and democracy in Peru by helping to address these gaps.

Last updated: June 26, 2014

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