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September 17, 2014

USAID/Paraguay and its local partner, FECOPROD, recently launched the new offices for the Inclusive Value Chains project in the city of Curuguaty, Department of Canindeyu, in Paraguay's Northern Zone.  

This area of the country suffers from the highest levels of rural poverty.  USAID and FECOPROD will work with small producer associations and cooperatives to strengthen their institutions, increase productivity, improve product commercialization and access markets, for increased income of small producers in the Northern Zone, in the departments of San Pedro, Concepcion, Amambay and Canindeyu.  

The project has a special focus on women, youth and indigenous populations. The Inclusive Value Chains project will also work closely with local governments to increase their ability to plan for and invest in promoting local development, as well as with the private sector, to leverage funding and create long term and mutually beneficial alliances.


El Proyecto Evaluamos para Mejorar se enmarca en el Programa de Democracia “Calidad en la Gestión Pública”, una iniciativa que busca mejorar la efectividad de la gestión gubernamental, mediante la implementación de reformas en las instituciones públicas, para favorecer la gobernabilidad y la gobernanza en Paraguay.

Cooperative Development Program (CDP)
Semi-Annual Report for Reporting Period:
July 1 – December 31, 2012

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Trade and poverty in Paraguay: the case of an agribusiness value chain

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