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Transforming Lives

The boys’ school in Bees Bagla, a village in Pakistani-administered Kashmir, was reduced to rubble by the October 2005 earthquak

. Working with the people of Bagh, USAID is helping students return to school and villagers rebuild a community.

A girl in Mastung District stands by her family’s new chicken coop, where the chickens stay to beat the midday heat.

The rugged Mastung District in Pakistan’s Balochistan province is a vast desert — a sparsely populated area stretching across 6,045 square kilometers. Plagued by drought and poverty, residents subsist on farming and livestock. Wheat forms the staple of their diet, supplemented by lentils and vegetables. Chicken and eggs, when available, provide the only animal protein in local diets. Meat is a luxury reserved for special occasions or guests. “For some people, 100,000 rupees ($1660) is not a large sum. But for us, even 5 rupees is a lot,” said Qaim Khan, an elderly man from Ghausabad village in Mastung.


Last updated: August 07, 2014

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