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Economic Growth & Agriculture

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Empowering rural women through the dairy sector
USAID Pakistan

The United States funds economic growth projects to increase incomes and create jobs.  

Building Pakistan’s economy to increase jobs, incomes, and trade in the agriculture and the small and medium enterprise (SME) sectors is the foundation of our shared vision for Pakistan-U.S. cooperation. Private sector growth will, over time, enable Pakistan and the United States to move toward a broader and deeper economic relationship based on “trade not just aid”. 

The goal of U.S. assistance in this sector is to increase employment and incomes for 1.1 million rural families (representing approximately 7.5 million Pakistanis) by 2018 by irrigating one million acres of land, improving agricultural processes, and connecting small farmers to major agribusinesses. Programs are working to boost agricultural productivity by modernizing farming technologies, services, and practices. Other programs help agribusinesses and other SMEs tap into better-paying markets. Additionally, the United States is assisting Pakistan to attract investment and expand trade. These efforts are implemented by USAID and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Through all of our efforts, we focus on helping Pakistani women to increase their incomes and expand their businesses, which are often run from home. With USAID support, Pakistani organizations are creating new jobs, helping women sell their products more profitably, and training women to upgrade their skills.


Agriculture employs 44 percent of the national labor force and provides 21 percent of Pakistan’s Gross Domestic Product. Helping Pakistani farmers improve the quality of agricultural products while increasing productivity is a critical priority.

To date, approximately 800,000 farmer families have increased their incomes through the U.S.-Pakistani cooperation. The United States helped these farmers restore their livelihoods, adopt new skills and tools, and expand irrigation systems.  


Last updated: April 15, 2015

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