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Democracy and Governance

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USAID’s democracy and governance programs provide assistance and training to citizens’ groups and community organizations to improve management and organizational skills, operational efficiency, responsible citizenship and government accountability. To strengthen democratic institutions in Nicaragua, USAID provides training for young, emerging democratic leaders and technical assistance to bolster civil society engagement and to improve local governance.

Good Governance

USAID helps to improve local citizen engagement in municipal decision-making and development activities. Good governance programs help strengthen the participatory decision-making processes, increase the capacity of citizens to partake more efficiently and effectively in local government decision-making, and improve the transparent management of public resources.

Civil Society Participation

USAID provides training and assistance to non-governmental organizations to strengthen the environment for citizen participation.  Activities include presentations at Nicaraguan law schools, workshops, radio programs, and conferences featuring international and national experts on current laws and their application and discussion of reforms.

Democratic Leadership and Election Support

USAID election support programs train Nicaraguan political parties on internal democratic processes and citizen responsiveness Programs provide information on voter and electoral processes, particularly to young voters, to help promote broad citizen participation in elections and civil society oversight of electoral processes.

USAID also supports democratic political processes by providing leadership training for young political party and civil society leaders to improve political negotiation and coalition-building skills and to strengthen the capacity of parties to connect with citizens locally.

Last updated: May 14, 2014

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