Fact Sheets

Phase two of Peace Initiative Kenya focuses on improving national and county-level gender-based violence service delivery systems and policy implementation. The activity strengthens county engagement in preventing and responding to gender-based violence and increases access and utilization of gender-based violence services through community outreach and awareness raising efforts.

Yes Youth Can Western is a youth program that improves the social and economic status of youth in Western Province, Kenya. The program empowers Kenyan youth to exhibit leadership in peace building, social service, and economic prosperity for holistic community development.

Yes Youth Can Nairobi has empowered youth to participate effectively in political leadership and governance, build entrepreneurial skills to engage in livelihood activities and enhance their socio-economic base.

Yes Youth Can Nyanza helps Kenyans age 18 – 35 increase awareness and respect for youth-related interests in local and national policy dialogue. It engages youth in inter-ethnic, inter-group peace building and conflict mitigation activities in Nyanza, and to enhances livelihood opportunities and access to youth-friendly services in Nyanza.


Last updated: April 07, 2014

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