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Tegemeo Institute of Agricultural Policy and Development is a policy research institute under the Division of Research and Extension of Egerton University. The mandate of the Institute is to conduct policy research and disseminate findings in an objective manner. Its vision is “A people forever free from hunger and poverty.”
The Higher Education for Development Drylands Management Program is a USAID-funded partnership between the University of Nairobi and Colorado State University

The Arangkada Philippines Project (TAPP) is a four-year, Php41 million ($1 million) project – with additional funding from AmCham – started on September 5, 2012, and addresses the PFG intervention theme of regulatory quality is a cooperative agreement with the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, Inc. (AmCham). It aims to enhance growth of key economic reform sectors, conduct research into economic reforms and advocates for reforms to create a better business environment and strengthen the investment climate.

The Trade-Related Assistance for Development (TRADE) project is a five-year, Php524.8 million ($12.8 million) initiative directed toward improving the Philippines’ global standing in the international economy through higher levels of trade and foreign direct investment. 

The Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for Development (STRIDE) is a five-year, Php1.3 billion ($32 million) program that will strengthen applied research activity in Philippine universities and industry. The project aims to create a dynamic network of researchers in universities and private companies who continuously innovate; entrepreneurs and investors who turn discoveries into products and companies; and a government supportive of initiatives that enables these partnerships to flourish.

The Scaling Innovations in Mobile Money (SIMM) Project is a two-year USAID/Philippines program under the Partnership for Growth (PFG), a White House initiative. The PFG represents a partnership between the Philippines and the United States to promote broad-based and inclusive growth.

The Philippine-American (Phil-Am) Fund is a five-year, Php984 million ($24 million), project which provides opportunities for local civil society organizations (CSOs) to devise new solutions for many of the Philippines’ development challenges.

The Judicial Strengthening to Improve Court Effectiveness (JUSTICE) Project is a five-year, Php820 million ($20 million) project started in October 2012 focusing on strengthening the rule of law and streamlining the local judicial process. JUSTICE will support reforming court procedures in order to improve judicial efficiency, decongest court dockets and reduce court delay. 

The Investment Enabling Environment (INVEST) Project is a two-year, Php132.4 million ($3.23 million) project began in October 2011. It seeks to address key constraints underlying low levels of private investment in the Philippines in order to improve the local business climate.

The Integrity for Investments Initiative (i3) is a five year, Php602 million ($14.7 million) project that will support anticorruption offices, including the Office of the Ombudsman, Commission on Audit, Civil Service Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission, and the newly created Governance Commission for Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations (GCG).


Last updated: August 02, 2015

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