Women in Governance and Economy Program

Since 2001, the National Albanian American Council with support from USAID has implemented the Hope Fellowship Program in Kosovo. The program was designed to increase the leadership skills of women in decision-making positions in government institutions and civil society. This was especially important in Kosovo’s post-conflict context, as women were underrepresented in both the public and private sectors.  The Program strengthened and promoted women in positions of leadership in civic and public life at the community and national level by increasing their participation in state creation processes.  In addition, the program assisted the development of a cadre of female professionals who initiated projects and advocated good governance in Kosovo. 

The Women in Governance and Economy Program focuses on the professional and leadership development of women in Kosovo.  The program champions 150 women leaders in decision-making positions in crucial areas such as governance and economic development.  Through sector-tailored curricula, the program will build the capacities of women leaders by offering trainings in Kosovo and Washington, DC.  The program will also energize the Hope Fellows network to push reform within Kosovo society through advocacy initiatives.  More than 120 women will receive training in-country, and 32 women will receive fellowships to study in Washington, DC, in programs designed to enhance their expertise and provide an opportunity to learn U.S. best practices and interact with U.S. professionals.


Project Duration:               September 2009 – December 2014

USAID Contact:                  Luljeta Gjonbala

Implementing Partner:      National Albanian American Council (NAAC)



Last updated: December 27, 2013

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