Funding Level:
US $1.6 million

March 2012 – December 2014

Activity Goals:

  • Spark constructive dialogue on leadership, governance and important national issues
  • Encourage Kenyan youth to responsibly engage in the democratic process
  • Provide civic education and voter registration information

Activity Accomplishments:

  • Over 12,000 Kenyans submitted applications to be a part of the Uongozi 2012 reality show
  • Uongozi reached over 9 million Kenyans via radio and TV, more than 5 million through print media and over 3 million on social media with important messages about voter/civic education, countering political manipulation, hate speech and responsible leadership

Key Partners:
Inuka Kenya Trust

Activity Location:

The Uongozi 2012 Campaign Project is a multi-media activity designed to involve young Kenyans in a public discussion about leadership and inspire them to responsibly engage in the political process – as voters and candidates.  The activity uses widespread community outreach, various multi-media channels and a national reality television show to positively influence and empower youth.

The Uongozi 2012 Campaign Project centered on a fourteen-part political reality TV show depicting a mock election.

The project brought travelling roadshows – featuring caravans of artists, actors and activists – to all 47 counties in Kenya. The roadshows registered potential candidates for the reality show, and encouraged youth to positively and peacefully engage in the democratic process by providing voter registration and civic education information.  Roadshow messages stressed the importance of choosing leaders based on qualifications, political platforms and personal integrity – as opposed to ethnicity.

Uongozi used a mix of multi-media channels –TV, vernacular radio, billboards, print and social media – to reach Kenyans who are typically excluded from political leadership, such as rural youth.  

Adan Mohamed bested over 12,000 applicants to be awarded best leader in the Uongozi 2012 Reality Show. Initially shortlisted for regional auditions, Mohamed then went on the “Uongozi House,” where he and 15 others competed in a mock election for best leader.  The show was designed to highlight good leadership qualities and encourage youth to choose leaders based on qualifications, political platforms and personal integrity.

Along with prize money and a leadership tour, Mohamed received a Sh4 million grant to develop a community project of his choice.

Mohamed intends to set up a borehole project in Mandera to irrigate farms, the revenue from which will go to educate orphans.

USAID Contacts:
John Smith-Sreen, Director,
Office of Democracy, Rights and Governance USAID/Kenya
Tel: +254 (0)20 862 2000
E-mail: jsmith-sreen@usaid.gov

Zephaniah Aura
Activity Manager
Tel: +254 (0)20 862 2000
E-mail: zaura@usaid.gov

Uongozi 2012 Campaign Project Contact:
John Githongo, Chief Executive
Inuka Trust, 1st Floor
Concert House, Wood Garden Road
Wood Avenue, Kilimani
Tel: +254 (0)717 786 688
Email: jgithongo@inukakenya.com


Updated February 2014


Last updated: March 14, 2014

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