Fact Sheets

Fillimi:  26 qershor, 2013                                                             
Kohëzgjatja:  34 muaj    
Buxheti i pritur i projektit: $671,109       
Zbatues:  Qendra Maqedonase për Bashkëpunim Ndërkombëtar 
Почеток:  26 јуни, 2013                                                
Времетраење:  34 месеци       
Очекуван буџет на проектот$671,109             
Датум на започнување:  декември2011                            
Датум на завршување: декември 2014 (со можност за продолжување од една година)
Буџет на проектот :  $ 4,486,125             
Data e fillimit:  dhjetor 2011
Kohëzgjatja:  Tre vite (plus një vit sipas mundësisë)
Buxheti i paraparë (për projektin në tërësi):  $3,696,110 
Implementues:  Tetra Tech DPK 
Data e fillimit:  20 Dhjetor 2012
Kohëzgjatja:  17 Qershor 2015
Buxheti i paraparë i projektit (kohëzgjatja e projektit): $ 412,984          
Датум на започнување: 20 декември 2012 г.
Времетраење:  17 јуни 2015 г. 
Предвиден буџет на проектот (времетраење на проектот):  $ 412.984

As a country in transition, postwar Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) still needs to ensure political stability, foster a national identify, and create a single economic space.  While over 50% of GDP goes to support the public sector, the country struggles to perform basic governmental functions and has not transitioned to full sovereignty.  The country remains deeply divided along ethnic lines, and these divisions inflame distrust and impede progress in virtually every socio-political and economic area. 

Project Snapshot
Total Funding:  $531,800
Start Date:  September 2011
End Date:   November 2014
Implementing Partner:   GEO Association Center for Research and Studies
The Challenge
Project Snapshot
Total Funding:  $1.2 million*
Start Date:  July 2011
End Date:  July 2016
Implementing Partner:  Partner Microcredit Foundation
  *Co-sponsored by the Partner Microcredit Foundation in the amount of $228,150. 
The Challenge
Project Snapshot
Total Funding:  $5 million
Start Date:  August 2011
End Date:  August 2016
Implementing Partner:   Education Development Center
The Challenge


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