Strengthening the Voice of People with Disabilities


The earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010 devastated millions of lives. The Government of Haiti estimates that 230,000 people lost their lives and 300,000 others were injured.  Prior to the earthquake, there were an estimated 800,000 people with disabilities living in Haiti.  Of the estimated 300,000 injured in the earthquake, approximately one-third has some form of long-term disability.  Those living with disabilities in Haiti prior to the earthquake were underserved and often shunned and stigmatized.  The earthquake exacerbated the challenges of people with disabilities, destroying many of the local hospitals, government buildings, and administrative infrastructure related to social services.
USAID has partnered with Christian Blind Mission to turn the post-earthquake reconstruction efforts into an opportunity to assist people with disabilities to live richer, fuller lives.  USAID and Christian Blind Mission are focused on strengthening the capacity of disabled people organizations to provide quality support for people with disabilities and develop advocacy programs to include the needs of people with disabilities in the reconstruction of Haiti.


USAID’s program will strengthen the ability of disabled people organizations to influence the development and implementation of public policies and to promote the inclusion of people living with disabilities in all aspects of the reconstruction process. 


  • Develop awareness campaigns, including production of billboards, posters, and leaflets promoting accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities
  • Implement community-based activities, such as music competitions for the creation of songs on themes related to disability, and organize sports and beauty competitions promoting people with disabilities
  • Advocate for policies promoting access, such as Haiti’s 1st National Building Code, which takes into account the principles of universal accessibility for people with disabilities
  • Support the GOH and the Secretary of State for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities by sponsoring and organizing activities such as the symposium for the inclusion of people with disabilities, and providing opportunities for disabled people organizations to influence reconstruction efforts in Haiti, affirming the theme of universal accessibility


  • Increased public awareness on the rights and needs of people with disabilities.
  • To date, 10 Disables People Organizations (DPOs) have been trained on monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, and leadership. 
  • Sub-grants of $25,000 were provided to each DPO to realize disability inclusive activities for 12 months. 
  • Mapping of DPOs is ongoing.
  • Increased knowledge and skills of DPOs to assess the accessibility of infrastructure and provide recommendations for improving access for all.

Additional Information

Budget: $2.1 million
Life of Project: March 2012 – March 2013
Implementing Partner: Christian Blind Mission


Last updated: February 06, 2014

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