Spinal Cord Injury Program in St. Boniface Hospital


After the earthquake, St. Boniface hospital received several spinal cord injury patients from different regions of the country.  Therefore, with USAID support, the St. Boniface team started a comprehensive program for the management of patients with spinal cord injury in 2011.  The services offered include medical care with an emphasis on wound care, psychosocial support, physical rehabilitation, occupational therapy, wheelchairs reparation, patient and household training, and vocational training.


The program aims to (1) Ensure the management of 30 patients with spinal cord injury and integrate them in the community, (2) Increase the capacity of other institutions in the management of patients with spinal cord injury, and (3) Advocate at the local and national levels for the integration of persons presenting neurological complications related to spinal cord injury.


  • Scaled-up specialized clinical care through the procurement of rehabilitation supplies for 30 patients and the hiring of appropriate staff 
  • Conducted workshop for wheelchair and orthotics repairs 
  • Hosted quarterly workshops on basic spinal cord injury care for a minimum of 100 Haitian professionals annually 
  • Advocated for patient access to education, public services, and other institutions through the creation of the St. Boniface patient advocacy committee, consisting of at least 10 patients, staff, and family members 
  • Implemented vocational and livelihoods training programs within the community with training in various fields 
  • Conducted trainings facilitated by international specialized medical professionals to compliment the activities of full-time staff 
  • Held a discharge preparation program for patients in the hospital including daily occupational therapy, psychosocial support groups, individual counseling, and community reintegration activities 
  • Provided follow-up care services utilizing interdisciplinary team for medical and psychosocial services


  • Built a new rehabilitation center to host spinal cord injury patients and their families (with Christian Blind Mission support)
  • Program staff has improved their capacities to provide appropriate care for quadriplegic patients and exhibit a more comprehensive understanding of the additional complications associated with this diagnosis.
  • All program beneficiaries received access to functioning, terrain appropriate wheelchairs.
  • Psychosocial support groups have continued to offer a safe and supportive space to welcome new patients, discuss challenges, set clear goals and objectives, and assist patients as they prepare for discharge as well as discuss taboo topics related to SCI and disability.
  • In remembers of January 12, a team from the Haitian National Television Station worked with St. Boniface to produce an hour-long documentary on people with spinal cord injury.

Additional Information

Budget: $1,663,194
Life of Project: Dec 1, 2010 – Nov 30, 2013
Implementing Partner: St. Boniface Hospital, Fonds des Blancs 


Last updated: February 06, 2014

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