Public Pulse Project


Since 2002, USAID, in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), has continuously supported the Kosovo Early Warning System (EWS) as an essential analytical tool for international reconstruction and stabilization efforts in Kosovo.

The EWS reports provide all stakeholders in Kosovo with continuous monitoring of sector specific trends and conflict prevention indicators.  During 2002-2010, under the EWS, a total of 28 opinion polls were conducted and 28 reports published with the participation of more than 150 local experts from civil society, the private sector and Kosovo institutions.

In the post-independence developmental phase of Kosovo, it has been very important to maintain a mechanism similar to EWS that continues to focus on monitoring of trends, but shift the emphasis of analysis from early warning and conflict prevention to democratic dialogue and strengthening of institutional stability.

The new analytical and monitoring tool, “Public Pulse”, increases the communication between the public and democratic institutions regarding pertinent issues highlighted by bi-annual research. 

The objective is to increase the awareness of democratic institutions related to problems as perceived by the people, and at the same time, initiate follow-up activities to increase the responsiveness of government institutions to address public concerns. 


·                     Continuous institutional trends analysis
·                     Increased interest and responsiveness of governmental or public institutions in addressing public perceptions
·                     Bi-annual “Public Pulse” Reports prepared and published
·                     Action Papers addressing important issues prepared in cooperation with Kosovo institutions  

Project Duration:                August 2010  – August 2013  

USAID Contact:                   Urim Ahmeti  

Implementing Partner:        United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

Last updated: June 11, 2013

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