PROMARK Haiti: Strengthening and Expanding Social Marketing in Haiti

A significant percentage of Haiti’s population cannot afford health care and does not receive information on basic health issues.  In response, USAID launched PROMARK to strengthen and expand social marketing of health-related products and services in Haiti and address gaps in behavior change communication and information campaigns.  The PROMARK project is designed based on Ministry of Health (MOH) recommendations, both at the central and departmental levels. 
PROMARK promotes healthy behaviors related to reproductive health, family planning, maternal health, and child survival.  A primary component of this strategy is the distribution of affordable condoms and other contraceptives, oral rehydration salts, and safe water products at commercial establishments, pharmacies, and private clinics throughout the country, thus making behavior change easier.
PROMARK aims to increase access to, availability of, and continued use of reproductive health, family planning, maternal health, and child survival, health-related products and services.  Ultimately, the project intends to increase and support continued use of family planning for spacing and limiting births and improve the status of maternal and infant/child health.    
PROMARK conducts behavior change communication activities to promote family planning and safe water behaviors; promotes and distributes low-cost, brand-name health products to encourage these behaviors; and conducts local capacity building to help wholesaler/retailer partners improve in planning, price/volume counseling, and local marketing to increase availability and consumer access to products.  Behavior change communication activities include: mass media campaigns, product placement in radio and TV shows, magazines for youth, mobile cinemas, inter-personal communications, and “blitz sessions”, where groups of inter-personal communications agents use mobile marketing to reach large segments of the population.  Community support groups also promote positive behavior change by demonstrating correct product usage at the individual and community levels.  Branded products, sold at affordable prices in commercial establishments, pharmacies, and doctors’ offices, include: SELAVI oral rehydration solution; DLOLAVI clean water product; PILPLAN contraceptive pill; and CONFIANCE contraceptive injection.  
  • As a result of PROMARK, socially-marketed health products are available at more than 6,000 points of sale throughout Haiti, and more than 96,000 couple-years of protection were gained between October 2011 and September 2012.
  • PROMARK’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) messages and demonstrations help to prevent water-borne diseases, including cholera. 
Additional Program Information
Budget: $17.5 million
Life of Project: April 2009 – May 2014
Implementing Partner: Population Services International (PSI)


Last updated: September 11, 2013

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