New Opportunities for Agriculture

Through its four-year New Opportunities for Agriculture (NOA) Program, USAID is focused on implementing the recommendations proposed in Kosovo’s 2010 Agriculture Strategy:

Creating Market linkages
Connecting farmers to identified markets for targeted products via processors, traders, exporters, and farmers’ organizations.

Increasing and Diversifying Agricultural Products
Volumes and per unit values of the targeted high-value crops have increased by working with processors to identify and develop new products and locate new markets.

Improving Food Quality and Safety
Supporting local organizations to certify food based on international standards using targeted national informational campaigns and increased product-testing capacity.

Increasing Affordable and Accessible Credit
Enabling borrowers across the sector to meet the requirements of lending institutions, thus increasing their credit worthiness.

Incentive Fund
USAID provides additional support in the form of grants to farmers, agricultural enterprises, and associations.

Improved Coordination within the Agricultural Sector
USAID provides strategic advice to the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development and assists the ministry in implementation.


•           Value of total sales has increased by $42 million;
•           Value of export sales has increased by more than $10 million;
•           Value of domestic sales has increased by $32 million;
•           Individuals trained to date: 2,028 (386 of which are women);
•           1,984 new jobs created, including 437 for women (32% over target);
•           310 formal delivery contracts signed between producers and traders, supermarkets, processors;
•           1,200 producers and processors have adopted 25 new technologies and management practices introduced across 11 value chains.

Project Duration:                      January 2011 – January 2015

USAID Contact:                         Besa Ilazi

Implementing Partner:             Tetra Tech/ARD  


Last updated: December 27, 2013

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