Increasing Citizens’ Awareness and Participation in the Justice System

Advocacy Training and Resource Center (ATRC)

USAID is partnering with ATRC for this dual-pronged program aimed at combating corruption and increasing transparency and fairness among justice sector institutions in Kosovo. ATRC is working with local non-governmental organizations to conduct court monitoring and implement a public outreach and awareness campaign to strengthen public trust in the justice system.

ATRC is providing sub-grant support to 32 organizations to focus on court monitoring and eight organizations to oversee the public awareness campaign. Conducting both parts of the program simultaneously will help increase the level of transparency and accountability of Kosovo courts, as well as increase citizens’ awareness of and faith in the judicial system. With the help of USAID and ATRC, the people of Kosovo are actively involved in continuing to develop system of justice that is both reliable and fair for conflict resolution.

The project fulfills USAID’s development objective of “Improved Rule of Law and Governance that Meet Citizen’s Needs.”

Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN)

As part of its goal to serve as a watchdog for Kosovo’s public institutions, BIRN has signed on for a USAID-supported project to implement a nation-wide public awareness campaign about the roles and responsibilities of justice-sector actors.

By increasing public awareness about the justice system, the BIRN project aims to help develop a society in Kosovo where citizens can more effectively participate in debate and pro-actively support efforts by justice institutions and civil society to enhance transparency, combat corruption, and ensure equal access to justice.

The campaign includes:

  • TV reports on court staff and procedures
  • Articles, columns, and online narrative reports on transparency in the judicial system
  • Roundtable discussions and regular meetings with stakeholders from the justice sector
  • Advocacy meetings with the Kosovo Judicial Council

The initiative will help USAID to broaden the circle of people who both support strengthened rule of law through improved performance of the courts and understand the court system well enough to navigate it and advocate for reforms.

Project Duration:        February 2013 - November 2015; and February 2013 - February 2014 respectively 

Contact Information:  Luljeta Gjonbalaj

Partners:                     ATRC Kosovo and BIRN Kosovo

Last updated: December 27, 2013

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