Increasing the Capacity of American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) to provide Arbitration Services


With USAID’s support, the AmCham Arbitration Center will increase and improve its staff capacities, improve its internal systems, and launch a combination of initiatives to increase the quality, efficiency, and demand for arbitration service in Kosovo.

Core Interventions

Taking into account the achievements under the previous USAID System for Enforcement of Agreement and Decisions (SEAD) project and the remaining obstacles to the arbitration system in Kosovo, the direct award to AmCham will support the following three activity components:

  1. Advanced arbitration training focused on practical skill development
  2. Outreach activities among AmCham membership to increase awareness of and demand for alternative dispute resolution mechanisms
  3. Create tracking mechanisms for case management


Implementation of these components will enhance awareness, acceptance, and more regular use of arbitration in Kosovo. The activity components will also foster capacity-building between arbitrators and the business and legal communities.          

Project Duration: September 2013 - September 2015

USAID Contact: Gresa Caka

Partners: American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo Alternative Dispute Resolution Center                                                                       



Last updated: December 27, 2013

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